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Stand Up

One of the most dangerous things that people do to themselves is to sit down behind a desk and work with computer long. Sitting down for long periods causes back pain, neck pain and problems in knees and in some cases disc herniation, increases risk of diabetes, heart disease, etc. If you’re sitting for long periods it’s really important you take regular breaks by getting up on your feet. It is recommended to stand up for at least 30 seconds each 20 minutes.

Stand Up application reminds you to stand up.

What Stand Up application does is to show a black screen every 20 minutes (configurable duration) and asks you to stand up.

System Requirements
This application requires .Net Framework 2.0 and runs on Microsoft Windows. It has been tested in Windows 7 and 8. If you test it on Windows Vista, XP or others please let me know if it fails or runs correctly.

While you stand up, doing some stretching will be helpful. Also computers can be harmful for your eyes, so try to look at far away things out your window while you stand up.

More information will be provided soon.

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